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20 Ways to Declutter in 2020

You will feel so much better if you can declutter and free up some space in your mental and physical world. Having some vacancy around you promotes an overall feeling of accomplishment and LESS STRESS!

1.) Closet/Dresser - get rid of things you haven’t worn over the last year

2.) Shoes that are worn out or ones that hurt your feet!

3.) Accessories- bags, jewelry, scarves, etc

4.) Under bed storage

5.) Bathroom toiletries; makeup, shampoos, supplies, etc

6.) Old medications/health supplies

7.) Junk drawer overhaul

8.) DVDs, CDs etc.

9.) Kitchen- Pantry, Cabinets, Fridge and Freezer

10.) Holiday and seasonal decorations. Get rid of items you haven’t used in 2 years

11.) Office/Craft supplies

12.) Cords of all types, charges, adapters, etc.

13.) Email account back to zero (0) unread messages!

14.) Paper- old mail, receipts, loose paper, newspaper, magazines, etc

15.) Unused apps on your phone, iPad, etc

16.) Coffee table, end tables, credenza clean out!

17.) Linens, pare down to two sets of two; two for winter and two for summer.

18.) Coat Closet Cleanout

19.) Cleaning supplies, organize and get rid of leftover, unusable items.

20.) Garage extras, donate them!

Give some of these decluttering tips a try and notice a change in your productivity and overall wellbeing! I can’t wait to hear what happens in your spaces!

(Click here to download a PDF)



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