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Ultimate Guide to Achieve Great Curb Appeal

Selling your house? This guide will tell you all the things you need to do to get buyers inside your home!

So much happens in a buyer’s mind when they come to look at your home. Give them something good that makes them want to step inside! It’s not rocket science, but it does require a walk to the curb!

Think about it, the very first picture on your listing is of the front of your home. That's the very first thing a potential buyer sees, give them a reason to want to click to the next picture!

So, I suggest you always start at the front!

Curb appeal. Stand out at the street and look at your house, what do you see? Look at the paint on your home, the garage doors, the landscaping, etc. A good scrubbing on the siding (invest in a power washer like this one) or a fresh coat of paint will always produce a good return on your investment.

Fresh mulch and trimmed bushes can do wonders for your first impression. Can you see the house or have the front bushes completely covered your house numbers and windows? Overgrowth says "neglect" in the eyes of a buyer. Don't put that red flag out there!

What does your front porch look like? Does your house look like Halloween in the middle of July? Clean all those cobwebs and make it inviting.

How about a new front door color?

Here are some paint colors that are always a win win!!

I always suggest a fresh new door mat (like this one) and wreath (like this one). Nothing fancy, just a green wreath and a crisp and clean mat does the trick.

When buyers arrive, they stand on your front porch for a bit while their realtor fiddles with the lock box! Give them something good to look at! Buyers typically make up their mind in the first 30 seconds to minute of arriving and entering your home. Did you know that?

Add a few pots of brightly colored flowers! (Yellow are the brightest and best for selling your house!)

Bottom line --

Make it Clean.

Keep it Simple.

Add some style.



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