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How to make Cheap, Expensive-Looking Framed Canvas Art!

Have you ever been looking for large framed canvas art and just not found what you are looking for?!?

Me too.

I really wanted a piece of modern, minimalist black and white art, and just kept coming up short! (Or actually small. Everything just seemed so small!

So, while I was out in my warehouse, I noticed I have a bunch of large framed canvas art (that I'm not super in love with) and decided to take the plunge and create something that I love!

I mean- it's black and white. It didn't seem like I'd have to mix colors or anything!

So, I pulled this dandy one out! I actually bought it off of Facebook Marketplace for about $15. Its 3'x4'. So, pretty large. And I just loved the gold wood frame. Don't you?

I got started by taping off the frame, applying some texture with drywall patch repair, and then letting loose with some Black (SW-Limousine Leather) and White (SW-Egret White) latex paint in eggshell finish.

I was instantly smitten!

Check out the whole "how to" video here.

Don't you just love the possibilities of all this knowledge?? I mean seriously. You could make a textured canvas and paint it all the same color and use it as a back drop for another piece of art.

Where do you like to find your "project pieces" from?



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