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Top 5 2020 Home Staging Trends

1.) Neutral is where it's at! Trends are moving towards more warmer tones like taupes and toasty whites and away from cooler, icier grays. Think of adding colors like champagne, mushrooms, ambers and jade. Also lots of white and high contrast colors are still making their way to the forefront!

Tip: When trying to sell your home, have your buyers step into light! Consider painting the walls all the same light, bright color. It makes the home appear larger and more cohesive. Oh and by the way, painting your home is the biggest bang for your buck! On average you recoup 125% of the cost of painting in the sale of your home. Just be sure to get a professional color consultation, because the wrong paint color costs just the same as the perfect paint color!

2.) Natural elements are still being showcased. Wood accents, natural stone and beautiful greenery are not leaving anytime soon.

Tip: Try styling a cutting board on your counter with a large white pitcher and a soft green plant!

3.) Scale is everything. (Not the scale where one weighs themself, but rather the relative size of something.) Selecting Larger scale items like your coffee table, plants, art, etc. are ways to really elevate the look of your room and give it that designers touch!

Tip: Try pushing 2 or 4 smaller tables together to make a large coffee table!

4.) Be authentic. Gone are the days of “Bed in Bag” or keeping the pillows that come with your sofa. That screams “No Effort!” Be authentic, Add layers, mix patterns and textures.

Tip: Down-filled pillows will be a game changer in your home decor. They always fluff back up and you can do the perfect karate chop on them!

5.) Be Clutter Free! A clean, clutter-free house will soon be a sold house! All the best paint and pillows won’t convince buyers that your home has been cared for if your house is dirty and cluttered! I always tell sellers, “The ONLY people who want a dirty, cluttered home are the ones looking for a great deal!” If you want top dollar for your home, get that place in tip-top shape. Pack up all the extras (pictures, diplomas, figurines, etc) and try to use impactful pieces that make a statement.

Tip: Start packing now! If you are wanting to sell your house, start packing up all the extra things you don’t use on a daily basis; excess linens, dishes, dvds, appliances, etc. By showing a tidy, organized, clean space, buyers automatically think that you have cared for your home!



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