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Top 5 Staging Items of 2019

We always get requests for links on items we use to stage with in homes! Here is our Top 5 commented on or requested items for last year! Which was your favorite?

1.) This shelving unit is so Large and so WELL worth every little penny! Absolutely one of the biggest bangs for your buck!

2.) Bicycle. I ALWAYS get comments on this bicycle when I use it to stage offices and living rooms. It's such a great conversational piece, easy to hang and has a great touch of whimsy! I can't find the exact bicycle I use, but this one is just as cute! 

3.) Cowhide rug - Adding a hide rug can bring a natural warmth to almost any space! 

4.) This faux plant is the best! I got it at World Market, it's still available and LEGIT! I love it on a bookshelf or on a mantle! 

5.)Bold Stripe Curtains! These curtains(available in several different colors) are great for making rooms look larger and super stylish!


And as an added bonus, you should read this book! 

The Cozy Minimalist Home- This book is So good if you are wanting a fresh look with minimal clutter- something I always enjoy reading in January!



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