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You must do THIS when selling your home!

Once upon a time I stayed at an Airbnb, although the house totally lacked in style points, it was by far one of the CLEANEST Airbnb’s I’ve ever stayed in. There is just something to be said about cleanliness. Don’t you think?

If you are selling your home there are several things that are a “must” that you should do.

Decluttering. Yes.

Removing personal items and collections. Yes.

Opening the blinds. Yes.

But nothing, I repeat NOTHING beats a Clean Home. Buyers correlate cleanliness with maintenance; how well you’ve taken care of your home. They LOVE a clean and tidy space. Trust me on this one.

You know when you walk in a brand new home and everything is clean and shiny…yeah, let’s strive for that!

If cleaning isn’t your thing, hire a professional. Yes, it will cost you money. Maybe a few hundred bucks. But it is totally worth it if you cannot do it yourself. DO IT. Seriously. CLEAN THAT THING! Ask your realtor (or a trusted friend) for a recommendation on a professional cleaning service to “detail” your home if deep cleaning isn’t your thing. It's usually called a Move-in/move-out cleaning.

I recently published a blog about staging your kitchen – one of the most important things is having it clean. There is no substitution for a clean home.

Also, I compiled a checklist of areas that often people forget about cleaning!

Click Here for a free printable checklist.

Some great tools to help you get there.

This vacuum. AMAZING. It’s cordless. Great on carpeted or hard surface floors.

Bottom line--

Make it Clean.'

Keep it Simple.

Add some Style.

Cleanliness makes it easier to see all the details. Aniekee Tochukwu



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