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Break this Unwritten Rule

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Here’s something I’d like to address. It is something I see all the time.

It’s like there used to be some kind of rule and now people are afraid to break it. It’s time to break the rule. It’s time to rethink it.

What’s the rule?

Furniture must be pushed up against the walls of a room, at all costs! Seriously!

Who made this rule? Why? Why are people afraid to use the middle of their room for anything but a hallway? Tell me, wouldn’t you rather have the traffic going around your conversation area or behind your television viewing? What if a whole parade of people decided to go to the kitchen at the wrong time? You could miss the game winning shot of the Shocker’s next Big Dance Game. Have you ever tried to have a private or intimate conversation with the person sitting ON OTHER SIDE OF A BIG OL’ ROOM???

Take a look at what I’m talking about.

Before Staging: You can almost hear the echo in the cavernous space between people trying to have a conversation across this room.

Hello-hello-o-o-o... how are you-ou-ou-ou....

after staging

After Staging: a perfect blend of style and function come to life in this huge living room. Plenty of room to entertain in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Staging works. It's worth it and It often costs significantly less than a price reduction. Click here for a guide to selecting a home stager.

The first 3 people to tour your new listing are your most likely to buy. They are eager and ready! They wake up everyday looking for new listings. Typically they have lost out on other multiple offer situations. They WANT to BUY now! Don't lose them forever because you skip the first step of having the home fully prepared to sell for TOP dollar!

Get your listing READY before you list it. Nobody (and I mean nobody) likes to put their house on the market and sit through week after week of showings. It's miserable. (Or at least I would think it would be miserable) Or worse yet, week after week of NO showings.

Do yourself a favor- Get Ready, Get Staged, Sold!!


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