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Home Decor Checklist, 6 Must Haves

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

I have a secret...[well, it's not a secret any more] that every room needs. Your bedroom, living room, office, etc They all need these items to give your space that polished, high-end designer look.

So get out your notepad and make a checklist!

1.) Rug. Define your space with a rug. Don't be chintzy. Get a rug that can be grounded with a major piece of furniture. ["Throw Rugs" go in front of a bathtub or front door, not in front of your sofa.] Do this right. It sets the tone for the rest of your room. Rugs are a great way to introduce patterns, texture, and color into a space. Natural fibers are best, but start with a "poly-something-or-nother" first if you need to! If you have carpet in your space, try bringing in a different type of textured rug, like a cow hide (real or faux) or a woven jute rug!

Modern Dining room with Sputnik Light and Black and White rug
Home Decor Stylish Rug

Blue and white living room with vintage rug
Colorful vintage inspired rug

2.) Curtains. I have a lot of opinions about Curtains. In fact, I devoted an entire blog post to them, CLICK HERE to read more. But here's the short of it. Curtains are an awesome way to infuse style, make your ceilings appear taller and your windows look larger. They finish off a room. Don't by Shy-Try a bold pattern or a rich velvet! The [sky] ceiling is the limit!

Home Staging Living Room with Striped Curtains
Modern Living Room with Bold Striped Curtains

3.) Art. OK, let me break it down for you. Art is in the eye of the beholder. But displaying it properly is the work of a designer! Be cautious of buying too many small pieces of art that you lose the look of the art that originally drew you close. If the piece of art you love is small, try using a large mat and thin frame. It'll give your piece a high-end look without crowding your walls with 1,000 pieces. HUGE art is in. When I say huge, I mean like extra, extra large! Like nearly floor to ceiling. If you just want something to take up wall space, it can often be used in place of a large piece of furniture! Art also doesn't have to "Match" your space. If there is something you love, buy it. Investing in art is always a good idea.

Living room with modern art and bold curtains
Modern Art and Bold Curtains

Dining Room with shelving and Water Color Art
Modern Dining space with Art and Shelving Unit

4.) Throws. Aka=Blankets. They are Warm, Soft, Textured, Colorful, Throw-able...That's a word, right? Anyway-- Throws [Blankets] are a great way to soften a space and add some interest in a functional way! And as always, find a throw that "goes" it doesn't necessarily have to match!

5.) Lamps. PEOPLE, If you are an adult, get some lamps. Seriously! Have a matching pair in your bedroom. [And this brings me another point, get a headboard and a pair of night stands....and then put your lamps on them.] Totally changes the overall feel of the room Substantial, matching lamps can make a room look refined and complete. They add symmetry, warmth and coziness.

Modern living room
Modern living room

Elegant Master Bedroom
Elegant master bedroom with side tables and lamps

6.) Plants. They bring in softness, color, and life! They can take a space from meh, to a-meh-zing! [Sorry, I couldn't help myself] I was visiting with a client, looking through photos the other day while we were trying to narrow down her style. She really kept liking a lot of the same type of rooms, but the overall thing I noticed was the sheer amount of plants in all the pictures! Each one had a minimum of 12 plants in every photo! Plants help. A lot. I opt for real plants at my house. [They are way less expensive than fake ones!] But faux plants have come A LONG way over the last few years. Sometimes I can just barely tell which is real and which isn't. So, all that to say, add some plants. On a coffee table, desk, counter top, side table, etc. Try experimenting with different pots and heights of plants. A few of my personal favorites are mother-in-law plant, aloe, any type of succulents, and BASIL! I love keeping some basil by my sink, I always get a hankering for some fresh tomato soup or Caprese salad!

Modern Living Room
12 Plants in this picture...

There you go! 6 Must Have Home Decor Items to really make your room stand out from the rest. Any surprises? Anything you need to shop for? Comment below and let me know what's first to cross off your list!


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