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The Fastest Way to Add Instant Style!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Whether you are just wanting to freshen up your style or you are trying to get your house show ready to go on the market, ADDING CURTAINS is one of the FASTEST and BEST ways to infuse style! Follow these few simple steps and you'll be well on your way to great style!

How to stage a dining room
best curtains for dining room

I picked out some NO FAIL Curtain choices and attached them at the bottom of this post! Enjoy and Happy Shopping!!

It's easy to create some much needed interest, texture, and style when you just add curtains!

Sometimes, they get a bad wrap.

Gone with the Wind.

The Sound of Music.

Most people think back to the days of their childhood when their mom or grandma had those thick, scalloped "Drapes" (as I like to call them.)

Maybe floral? Maybe country blue? Always scalloped.

(I'm not a fan of scalloped drapes...I do, however, love good scalloped potatoes!)

Or maybe the dreaded Valance, remember the super poofy ones?

Before/After! What a difference some curtain panels make!?!

Let's try using Two Curtain Panels (Or sets of curtains panels) that hang effortlessly on either side of your window(s).

Curtains create drama.

White, gauzy, simple curtains; effortlessly hung give you a feeling of calm and tranquility. When you think of those curtains, doesn't your mind take you to a private island or cozy beach retreat? It does me...maybe I just need a vacation! Ha!

What about curtains with a BOLD pattern. Like a stripe? It draws the eye up! Emphasizes the ceiling height and the size of the window. This day and age a stripe can be a neutral. Seriously. Tag me on that - #neutralstripes


Be Sure to Shop for these Looks and others at the Bottom of the Page!!

Here are some important tips when purchasing new curtains for your home.

--Length of Curtain

How tall are your ceilings? We are working with the room as a whole, not just the window height. Take a tape measure and see how tall your ceilings are! (Most ceilings are 8 foot tall or higher.)

Therefore, usually you'll need 96" curtains for an 8' tall room.

108" for a 9' tall room

120" for a 10' tall room

...and so on and so forth...

Disclaimer: I am NOT an artist. But I sketched this drawing, to help all you folks out there! Don't judge my drawing, just thank me for the assistance! LOL!

LoveLeeHomes How to hang Curtains sketch!

It really makes a difference. Pictured above are the same size windows. Isn't it amazing what you can do with just a couple of panels?!?

By hanging the curtains up close to the ceiling you create an optical illusion that your windows are much larger than they actually are! In other words... DRAMA!

--Design on Curtain

Be Brave Grasshopper.

I love plain white curtains. But I also love bold patterns. There are some fairly fantastic curtain makers out there, so be brave. Select colors and styles that "Go" with the other furnishings in your home. Everything doesn't have to be "Matchy Matchy" It just has to "GO". Remember when I said Stripes could be a neutral? Well, they can! Pair striped curtains with a vintage Persian Rug. Or fun patterned curtains with a striped rug!

TIP: Start slow when purchasing patterned curtains. Try only using patterns with 2 colors! It helps to keep focus in your design!

--Does it need to function?

Some people have never pulled their curtains closed. Ever. I pull mine closed daily! If you are going to need your curtains to actually function, be sure to purchase enough panels that measure 1.5 times as large as the area you are trying to cover. For instance, if your window is 36" wide, and your rods are extending 12" out to either side of the window, you'll need 36+12+12=60 x 1.5 = 90" of curtains WIDTH. (Always Round Up to the next full number.)

All that to say, get some curtains!

The THREE Absolute best items to add to your home to make it look luxurious and polished are Curtains, Rugs and Lamps. (As long as those curtains aren't 84 Inches!)

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